Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Go! Go! Go!

I know what you've been thinking, the world really needs another blog about a little known creative type.
Well here it is! Rejoice!
I had another blog once which is now way out of date (attached to a way out of date website) and my works moved on a bit from then so thought I'd start fresh. I'm going to really try and sort out my lame blogging game as I've got some pretty exciting projects on at the moment and planned for the near future. Theres also a bit of a backlog of stuff I've done recently to catch up on and post up.
It should be fun, stick around!


  1. did you really start your blog at 3:37 am?
    I like the sound/look of those christmas treats.

  2. No no, thats just crazy blog time. For example it says you left that message at 4:39am.