Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Drawing On Pub Walls

One of the oldest and most respected venues in Brighton, The Freebutt is now under the control of four total dudes who are making it better and better. Its undergone a bit of a relaunch and the place is now a whole heap nicer to hang in without having lost its slightly chaotic charm. I was kindly asked to do a mural across the bar (which is the best place ever to do a mural) upstairs in the Penthouse. Eleven hours in a pub was the longest time I've spent in one without having to be carried out but it was fun none the less and everyone (including myself) was pretty stoked with it.
I'll try and grab some more snaps of it at a later date and if you're ever in the area pop in and have a pint and a look around. Chances are I'll be there...

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