Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The One and Only

Funny things can happen to a bored mind.

Well, to my bored mind anyway.

With a lull in projects at the moment I looked forward to doing some stuff for myself, but mainly to get back into doing some drawing. I used to draw almost exclusively but lately I seem to have spent more time lurking about in the world of graphic design. I'm not really saying its a bad thing and I've enjoyed it but also a part of me misses just...drawing. I've always tried to included an illustrative element into anything I design as I think that's a big part of my identity as an 'artist' (i don't think I'll ever be able to say that without the quotation marks), but its still different to the work I was doing only a year or so ago. I appreciate though that my style of drawing doesn't always fit the right feel to some projects and my main satisfaction from any jobs I do for other people is that they feel 'right'. That they fit the sound of a band or the right look for a club night or whatever. That's the main reason I branched slightly away from doing straight up drawing in some cases. And probably something I'll continue to do when I feel its the right move stylistically. So the last six months or so's work has been for the better mainly I think (hope) but I still miss just doing a big drawing for no other reason other then wanting to do a big drawing.

So anyway, faced with some free time and this want to do a big drawing obviously I spent last night designing an unofficial poster that has absolutely no drawing in it at all for a Chesney Hawkes gig (06/02/10 @ The Freebutt. Its diary time people!)

Because that makes sense.

To my bored mind.

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